Monday, July 7, 2014

Two Great Graphic Novels

Jimmy Gownley, author of the popular Amelia Rules series, writes his autobiography in graphic novel form. Covering junior high through early high school, Jimmy explains how "the dumbest idea ever" completely re-wrote his life. The story follows Jimmy as a series of illnesses side line his athletic goals but jump start his love of cartooning. The story explores friendship, coping with stress and fame and figuring out what is important to you. You will laugh and worry right along with Jimmy, his best friend and parents in this true story.
Geeks, jocks, high school elections and robotics all merge in this laugh out loud slice of modern life. Charlie, all around great guy, is caught between his cheerleader ex-girlfriend and his nerdy oldest friend. Each one represents a group vying for Student Council money. The cheer squad wants new uniforms and the techies want to go to the Robotics Competition. So they both mount campaigns to win student council but the two candidates are best friends. What could go wrong? Plenty and plenty of laughs. Where is the sequel authors Prudence Shen and Faith Hicks??!!

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