Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lynda M. Hunt's Fish In A Tree - A must read!

Lynda Hunt follows up her wonderful "One for the Murphys" with another great modern realism story. Ally Nickerson has kept her problem from a lot of people over the years. Her family, her teachers and anyone else. No one knows she cannot read. Artistic, creative and bright, Ally thinks she is dumb. And she is sure no one can fix that, ever! Along comes Mr. Daniels her new teacher who sees past the seemingly stubborn, impulsive girl and begins to understand the real issue that Ally is so determined to hide. Back at home, Ally has a wonderful relationship with her mom and her big brother while her military dad is deployed in the Middle East. Even they don't know the true story. As Ally continues to struggle with her academic life she begins to make some real friends: Keisha who stands down to no one and knows her mind; Albert who is brilliant with science and facts. These three form a bond of people who do not quite fit the mold. They will come up against popular and mean Shay. They discover that they are up to the challenge.
If you ever felt like you did not fit in for any reason, this story will ring true for you. This is a story of acceptance and perseverance.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sharon Draper's new historical novel is a hit!

Based on her own father and grandmother, Sharon Draper weaves a story of personal strength, family, friendship and faith in 1932 North Carolina. Stella and her family live in the segregated South. One night she and her little brother Jojo observe a frightening scene: a cross being burned at a Ku Klux Klan meeting right across the pond in their rural town. Soon the whole black community is on alert since white citizens of Bumblebee are clearly members. Stella, a 5th grader, wants to be a writer but she struggles with the process. Soon there are many things to write about not the least is the decision by her dad and two other men to register to vote despite the clear threats to everyone's safety.
This gripping tale of life under segregation during the Depression brings to life a young person's, her friends' and her family's determination to stand in the face of prejudice and ignorance.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Veronica Roth gives us more about Four! With seven stories told from his perspecitve!

2 copies in the LTC
Veronica Roth gives us what we wanted with more about Four (alias Tobias Eaton). These seven stories track him from the age of 16 when he first makes his faction choice. The reader will learn more about his relationship with his abusive father, how he became an initiate trainer, how he made friends and dangerous enemies and how he met Tris (alias Beatrice Prior). It's a great series of chapters giving fans a chance to see Dauntless, the Factionless and the Divergent through a new lens. The only down side is that the book is too short!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Realistic Fiction from the Caudill Nominees

One For The Murphys by Lynda Hunt gives readers a behind the headlines view of being in foster care. 12 year old Carley Connors struggles with a range of emotions as she finds herself the sixth member of the Murphy family. With her mother in the hospital for an unknown length of time, Carley has to start school in a new place very far from her Las Vegas home. Carley is mad at her mom, mad at the Murphys and mad at the world.
Well developed characters and settings bring Carley's new world to life. She slowly learns to connect with her foster family, a difficult kid at school with her own problems and finally her mother.
Readers will have a new appreciation for kids in foster care and the challenges and benefits that are presented to them. A fast, engaging read for anyone.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Another great title from the Caudill 2015 nominee list!

The False Prince (part 1 of a trilogy) by Jennifer Nielsen is set in an alternate history middle ages. Four teenage orphans living in the realm of Carthya are picked up by a nobleman named Conner. Conner forces the boys into a brutal competition for the chance to impersonate the heir to the realm, long lost Prince Jaron. Political intrigue, unforeseen alliances, deadly combat and lies and truths all mix to make an exceptionally well written thriller full of surprises.
All three parts of the series are available in the LTC: The Runaway King and The Shadow Throne.