Monday, July 28, 2014

Just when you thought there might not be more great dystopia series out there...

Slated by Teri Terry is the first part of a dystopia series set in not so distant future England. In this world, young people deemed by the government to be a threat as terrorists are "slated". They have their memories erased and are then sent to live with a new family as adopted children. During this period they are closely watched for any behavior that does not conform to the strict rules set for them. 16 year old Kyla is slated. But shadows of memories haunt her dreams and influence her behavior in ways that slated kids normally do not experience. Try as she might to fit into her new life, bits of her past keep coming to find her building an ever more sinister picture of what is really going on. Are the anti-government terrorists really terrorists? Do the government police, called Lorders, really have everyones safety as their priority? And what about those LEVO bracelets all slated kids have to wear? Are they really there to help monitor their emotional levels or to monitor everything about them? Think FitBit gone really wrong! This is a true non-stop thriller! You won't want to miss Part II - Fractured and the finale Shattered! All these fabulous titles are in your very own Sears LTC.

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