Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Guest reviewer Ella H is back with a graphic novel!

From 35,000 feet our guest reviewer lets us know about this new graphic novel in the LTC:

I wanted to let you know that I just finished Ghostopolis. I'm on the 9 hour flight to Ohau so I have plenty of spare time. It is a pretty fast read but I still liked it a lot. The book is about a boy named Garth who is zapped back to the afterlife when a ghost hunter named Frank Gallows sends a skeleton horse back. This happens because Garth is trapped under the horse's rib cage. In the afterlife Garth meets his grandfather and they travel through the world of Ghostopolis in search of a way for Garth to get back home. This is just the beginning though. Soon after Garth disappears a rescue team is sent after him and Frank and his ex, who is a ghost, named Claire also go to rescue him. The novel is full of action and adventure, and is sure to keep the reader turning pages.

Forge (Pt 2 of Seeds of America)- Laurie Anderson

Chains, which is a 2011 Caudill nominee, reviewed on lebrisary in May 2009, was an amazing view of the American Revolution in New York City told through the eyes of young teen Isabel Gardener. As a slave in colonial America Isabel transports the reader to a new interpretation of freedom. In part 2 of the series, Isabel's friend and accomplice, Curzon Smith, also a young teen slave, takes the reader to another famous time during the Revolution: the winter at Valley Forge. Forge is predominantly Curzon's story. Told in short, detailed chapters, the reader will experience the cold, deprivation and hardships of what so many endured waiting to fight the British in the spring. Curzon's strong will and bright mind as well as his sense of justice are well developed. His spirited character drives the compelling tale of freedom. Famous figures from our history pepper the story and add to the authentic ring of this historical fiction. Be sure to read the quotes of real people that head each chapter as well as the questions and answers at the end of the book. All add to the richness of this story. Laurie Anderson brings history alive. You don't want to miss it! Part 3 - Ashes will complete the trilogy.