Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A great read - Caudill Nominee Joan Bauer's Almost Home

Joan Bauer continues to be an enormously popular author in our LTC. She does it again in the modern realism genre with Almost Home, a 2015 Caudill Nominee.  6th grader Sugar Mae Cole finds herself homeless and the adult in charge when circumstances beyond her control land her mom, Reba, in the psychiatric wing of a hospital and she in foster care. Set in Missouri and then Chicago, Sugar braves many hardships and scary situations. Her talent for poetry and her determination help her to connect with the right people that come into her life. Ultimately, those connections are what save her and her mom. Secondary characters are richly drawn adding to the depth and detail of this outstanding story. Readers will leave this story with a better understanding of homelessness but also what strength of character can look like.

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