Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sachar new one is about a card game?! It's great!

Only Louis Sachar could write a boy's novel about the game of Bridge and make it work. This is one you have to go with. Start and keep going. Let the voice of the main character, Alton, take you on this emotional, humorous trip. Told in the first person, Alton, is charged with becoming his blind uncle's "cardturner". His uncle is a champion level Bridge player and to continue to play he needs to have the cards read to him. Alton, pressed into service by his mom because his uncle is rich, accepts the job but not for the reasons his mom has in mind. There's lots about Bridge here but Alton is nice enough to tell you when to skip parts but you may not want to. Add to the adventure a dual love story, impersonating dead people, channeling and manipulation of various sorts and you have the makings of great read.The pace is slower but the pay off is worth it. If you liked Stanley Yelnats, you'll want to know Alton.