Thursday, July 10, 2014

Caudill 2015 non-fiction nominee - Dogs On Duty Rocks!!

Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, one of the great non-fiction writers for young people, brings us the world of dogs in the military. Readers will be instantly engaged by the opening shot of a soldier and his Belgian Malinois (one of the preferred breeds in such dangerous work) partner jumping fearlessly out of a helicopter! The book covers the history of dogs used in war and battle. The progression from dog as weapon to dog as crucial partner is well developed. The careful explanation of breeding, choosing, training, testing and partnering are fascinating. Ms Patent does not shy away from the rigors and dangers of work as soldiers both human and canine. If you ever thought dogs were amazing as friends you will be blown away by dogs as soldiers. Don't miss this non-fiction Caudill nominee for 2015.

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