Sunday, November 15, 2009

39 Clues - #6 is in the LTC!

For all the 39 Clues fans at school, if you did not buy a copy at the Book Fair, #6 is in the LTC.
In Too Deep takes our brother and sister team to Australia and Indonesia. More odd things about their guardian Nellie begin to make Amy and Dan nervous but don't stop them from finding a long lost cousin who really helps them out. Fast paced as ever, with more twists and turns, our duo realizes that the advice "don't trust anyone" given to them in book #1 is truer than ever. You will be shocked at who turns out to be on their side as alliances continue to shift in pursuit of those clues. Hint: read the picture clues carefully and do look at the cover. We still don't know which of the four houses of Cahill Dan and Amy belong to but their focus shifts dramatically when new evidence of their parents' deaths come to light.
#7 arrives Feb. 2, 2010!

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