Sunday, October 4, 2009

Caudills 2010 - adventure story

Will Hobbs, writer of over 20 adventure stories, brings you a modern, fast paced piece of gritty realism with "Crossing the Wire". Be prepared to experience 15 year old Victor Flores' attempts to better the life of his family in rural Mexico. Set in 2004, Victor comes to the conclusion that only in the United States will he be able to find paid work that will permit his family from falling into complete poverty. Armed only with his intelligence, faith and good intentions, he sets off to attempt to cross the border into Arizona without the help of "Coyotes". "Coyotes" are the smugglers who make a business of smuggling people over the border for very high prices. Danger meets Victor at every turn but he never gives up, as help comes from unexpected places. You can learn more about Will Hobbs and his great novels at


  1. I read this book. Its really good. It goes into great detail about what it is like for most illegal immigrants "crossing the wire" from mexico. The only thing I have against this book is that its really short. Are there more books by this author on similiar topics?

    ~jonah n. grade 7, schiedt

  2. Hi Jonah,
    Great observation. I agree that the book really brings that experience alive. We have 15 books by Will Hobbs in the LTC. None of the others deal with illegal immigrants but all are very compelling stories set in the wilderness quite often. I think there are several you would like but they are similar in length. Heat by Mike Lupica is another illegal alien story. It's about two brothers set in present day New York CIty. Very well written but you have to like baseball.