Saturday, April 25, 2009

Time to look at an award winner.  This year's Newbery Winner for 2009 is Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book.  Known to many of you for his novel, Coraline, that was made into an animated film this year.
Part gothic, part supernatural tale this is the story of Bod Owens growing up in a grave yard.  There is the little detail that someone or something wants him dead as well. 
Neil Gaiman himself said this story all started with his son riding his tricycle through a graveyard that was the only park like setting available. His son was totally at ease there and very happy.  Those days started Neil thinking about a baby raised by the inhabitants (read ghosts) of an old graveyard.  Although the story is set today it feels as though it has no time to it at all.  Between the boy himself who knows only the world of the graveyard and the sinister beings sent to protect him and destroy him, you will be drawn into a memorable, believable fantasy world.  
Most critics, adults and young people alike, feel that this Newbery choice was an excellent one. What do you think?

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