Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another Award Winner


Waiting for Normal by Leslie Connor is one the best of last year's recommendations from the Book Stall at our spring book fair '08.
With the Book Fair kicking off tomorrow I thought I might refresh a choice from last year.
12 year old Addie is living with her newly divorced mother in a small cramped trailer parked on a deserted parking lot on the edge of town. Addie's loving step-father and two half sisters now live elsewhere away from her and her mom. Addie misses them terribly and yearns for the normalcy that life with them once held. In Addie's life, she is the one who manages all the adult responsibilities and it is her mom who acts like the child. Soon, Addie cannot cope with the ever increasing stress of her irresponsible mother. Near disaster, brings the help and "normal" Addie has been hoping for. Addie is a resourceful, brave and loving character.
This could have been a depressing story but it is not because of Addie's point of view. Her realistic often funny take on life will keep you turning pages as you cheer her on to a satisfying conclusion.


  1. Elisabeth, thanks for the ideas. My summer reading list is growing! I think my daughter may enjoy this one as well.


  2. It's great that you are finding this fun and helpful. Have your daughter comment sometime if she likes.