Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lynda M. Hunt's Fish In A Tree - A must read!

Lynda Hunt follows up her wonderful "One for the Murphys" with another great modern realism story. Ally Nickerson has kept her problem from a lot of people over the years. Her family, her teachers and anyone else. No one knows she cannot read. Artistic, creative and bright, Ally thinks she is dumb. And she is sure no one can fix that, ever! Along comes Mr. Daniels her new teacher who sees past the seemingly stubborn, impulsive girl and begins to understand the real issue that Ally is so determined to hide. Back at home, Ally has a wonderful relationship with her mom and her big brother while her military dad is deployed in the Middle East. Even they don't know the true story. As Ally continues to struggle with her academic life she begins to make some real friends: Keisha who stands down to no one and knows her mind; Albert who is brilliant with science and facts. These three form a bond of people who do not quite fit the mold. They will come up against popular and mean Shay. They discover that they are up to the challenge.
If you ever felt like you did not fit in for any reason, this story will ring true for you. This is a story of acceptance and perseverance.

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