Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dualed by Elsie Chapman - Another twist on the Dystopia genre.

For all the Hunger Games, Matched and Divergent fans out there, try Dualed!

Join West Grayer (15 year old orphan) as she tries to survive her city-kingdom of Kersh's harsh rules of survival. Since the world fell into constant warfare, Kersh has survived as a walled kingdom on the west coast of the US.  Everyone there has a genetically identical twin born of completely different parents. At an appointed time each twin or "alt" has a month to find and eliminate the other. Who ever remains alive is deemed worthy of becoming a member of the protective Kersh army as an adult. It's the ultimate survival-of-the-fittest story set in a tough city, short on resources and heavy on danger. 
Clearly, number one in a series, I found myself wanting to know what happened to get the world to this point; how did Kersh get started and who are the mysterious Board that run everything behind the scenes. Hints at all these things are present and you know there has to be a rebellion coming at some point.  I really liked the pace and atmosphere of this dark action story.  I hope some of my questions will be satisfied in the next installments when they arrive.

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