Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Scorpio Races by Stiefvater (2011 Printz Honor Medal winner)

Different cover from one
in the LTC

This is one of those stories that suck you in slowly. You might not even be sure you like it but you have to know what is going to happen next. In the end, you are totally caught up in the world of the island of Thisby and the annual Scorpio Races.
Puck Connolly, first female to ever enter the races, has to race to keep her home. Sean Kendrick, four time winner and talented horse trainer, has to race to keep the horse that gives him purpose. So is this some horse/race story set in the north Atlantic? Not exactly since the horses in the races are mythical Capall Uisce (pronounced CAPple ISHka). They come out of the sea looking like huge race horses only they eat flesh and are almost impossible to train. If you can race one they are the finest mounts in the world, just don't get eaten while you try. 
If you let the lyrical, rich prose carry you along, the island, the people and the horses will come vividly to life. The story is about family, bonds, purpose, loyalty and ultimately love. If you are a horse person (such as myself) you will be moved by the land and water equines in the story. You might need a tissue. Also, please be warned that the film rights have been purchased so the movie is in the planning stages.

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