Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wonder by RJ Polacio

Wonder is a wonder in so many ways. You will not soon forget getting to know Auggie Pullman. Auggie's been home schooled his entire life. Now his parents want him to attend Beecher Prep because they feel it's important for his future.  Auggie is smart, funny, and kind. But Auggie carries a very heavy burden with him wherever he goes: he has a very rare genetic disorder that affects every part of his face and by any standards makes his appearance horribly disfigured.  So how does a boy starting middle school cope? That's the story but it's also so much more. Told in sections, the book (reminiscent of Because of Mr. Terupt)is the story and back story of several main characters including Auggie's high school age sister, his first two friends ( a girl and a boy)and his sister's boyfriend.  All the standard middle school issues are here like family, friendship, bullying, school life etc but they are handled in a fresh way with Auggie and everyone around him, adults included doing some growing up. You will zip through this well-paced story but you'll keep thinking about it long after you have closed the cover.

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