Friday, March 30, 2012

Cahills vs Vespers Book 2 - A King's Ransom

Jude Watson returns to write installment #2 in the "39 Clues" second series. Dan and Amy are back fighting for the lives of Cahill family members being kept prisoners for ransom by the mysterious Vesper One. This adventure takes you to Italy, Switzerland and the Czech Republic as the siblings track down Nazi stolen treasure and more information about the Madrigals side of the Cahill family.  Aided by the Massachusetts based family command center, Gideon, technology and quick wits combined with gutsy moves (not to mention some sizable amounts of cash) permit our heroes to escape harm or capture.  Hidden clues and coded messages are particularly tough in this installment but you always have the Internet based resources at Book #3 The Dead of Night is on order and Book #4 is due out in August. Keep enjoying the ride with multiple copies in the LTC found on the last rack of the PB towers!

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