Monday, August 9, 2010

Caudill entry: 11 Birthdays

If you ever watched the movie "Groundhog Day" then you will have a better understanding of 11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass. This realistic comedy-fantasy tells the tale of two very close friends, Amanda and Leo. Born on the same day, at the same hospital, Amanda and Leo end up celebrating their birthdays together for ten years. Now about to turn 11, they have not spoken for a year due to an unfortunate incident at their last birthday party. Told from Amanda's point of view in the first person, the reader will experience some very strange goings-on as Amanda wakes everyday to discover that it is the Friday morning of her birthday, over and over again. She tries to understand what is happening to her and in the process discovers that she is not alone experiencing this time warp issue. Adventure, disasters, confusion, detective work, friendship and family issues abound as an old legend of her town turns out to be more than just ancient history. A great read for anyone looking for well drawn realistic middle-schoolers stuck in a time rut.

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