Sunday, May 9, 2010

Latest 39 Clues entry is worth the wait!!

Gordon Korman is back again with installment #8 of 10 of the 39 Clues and really delivers with non-stop action. The Emperor's Code takes Amy and Dan, our entrepid brother/sister duo, to China. No sooner do they arrive that a huge argument results in their separating and then not being able to reconnect for a variety of incredible mishaps. Dan actually ends up with his rock star relative Jonah and begins to see another side of this young man. Amy, distraught and frantic, makes every effort to find her brother in several remote locations of China including the Great Wall. More clues are uncovered as the siblings end up on a collision course on Mount Everest!! Gordon Korman adds a nice touch to the general mystery by clues throughout the novel that when jotted down leave you with three very interesting sentences. Don't miss #8 - it is one of the best in the series so far (of course I am biased because I like Gordon Korman so much!)

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