Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jordan Sonnenblick does it again!!

There I was trying to make my way through Cosmic which is by the same author as Millions and should have been just flying along but I wasn't. There across the room sat Jordan Sonnenblick's new novel, the sequel to Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie, saying "Read me!! No, read me, now!!" like some young Labrador with a tennis ball. Well, Mr. Sonnenblick did it again. I could not put this book down until I finished it.
DGADP was mostly Steven's story and now seven plot years later we get Jeff's story. Told in the classic Sonnenblick first person narrative, the reader will travel through Jeff's 8th grade year in his head.
It wasn't enough to survive cancer as a seven year old now Jeff has to survive being a survivor. With his best friend Tad, a two time cancer survivor himself, and Lindsey the new girl from LA, Jeff has loads to contend with not the least of which is passing the new all or nothing state standardized test that could keep him out of high school. A fast paced blend of narrative, IM's and emails, Jeff's realistic voice will carry you through an important story full of laughs and some tears. This is realistic/contemporary fiction at its best. A genderless story for anyone looking for a well written novel. If you have not read DGADP you might want to do that since it really adds to the whole experience but it's not absolutely required.

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