Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kick things off with KiKi Strike!

KiKi Strike Inside The Shadow City by Kirsten Miller is the first in a series about KiKi and the group of friends she turns into the team called The Irregulars. If you liked the Molly Moon, or Percy Jackson or Alex Rider or Maximum Ride series, you will really enjoy KiKi. All the elements are in place for a non-stop reading roller coaster adventure: modern setting (NYC), mystery (who is Kiki anyway), suspense (so many interesting coincidences or are they?), smart, talented, edgy good characters, really evil but believable bad characters and in case that wasn't enough there are unique, surprising how-to lists at the end of some chapters including some wonderful details about the hidden parts of NYC. You may have to go along with some of the fantastical sides of this story about the underground city below New York and the quietly dangerous KiKi herself but if you like your stories sharp, fast and adventurous, this one is for you. Don't miss the website

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