Monday, July 6, 2009

Caudills 2010 - Two More

Naked Mole-Rat Letters by Mary Amato is set today in a small town outside Indiana University in Bloomington.  12 year old Frankie Wallop has always been an ideal daughter, sister and friend until she discovers an email sent to her widowed father from a woman he met at a conference.  Frankie goes into overdrive trying to derail what she perceives as a threat to her familiar life.  Unfortunately, in the process she digs herself into ever deepening holes of lies and the subsequent guilt. Frankie's voice is honest and believable in this brisk, sometimes humorous, sometimes very serious story of relationships, trust and doing the right thing. PS You will learn a ton about naked mole-rats,

Kimchi and Calamari by Rose Kent is set today as well.  Joseph Calderaro is about to turn 14.  He's got a loving family, great friends, a great sense of humor and he is adopted from Korea. When his English teacher assigns a "Your roots in your family" ancestry essay Joseph is faced with a real challenge.  How does he reconcile his proud Italian upbringing with the face in the mirror? Joseph tries to handle it all himself with the help of his best friend with mixed results. An internet search leads down a surprising path of discovery that eventually gets his family involved.  You will discover right along with Joseph what really makes a person an individual no matter who they are or where they are from.  Joseph is person worth getting to know.


  1. The Naked Mole Rat Letters has lots of surprises and funny coments. Frankie is a straight A student until her dad starts emailing a girl he met at a confrence. Frankie is strugling with her life now. This will make you want to read on!

  2. Kimichi and calamari is good but has stange confusing parts